A short history of the place

When I visited the property for the first time in 2007 I immediately fell in love with it, all the charm of Provence in one place.


I was overwhelmed by nature, the quiet and voluptuousness of this place, I felt very quickly in harmony in this magical setting.

The park captivated me with its vegetation generous, abundant and bucolic, plane trees, olive trees, vines and centenary cypresses! a perfect cocktail for those who want to immerse themselves in the heart of Provence and its natural charms.


The Bastide Gueissard was built 19th century. The name Gueissard means 'fertile land' in Provençal. It is a very old family of Toulon that built at the time the various buildings and planted the 50 hectares of vines.

I've done everything for 13 years to to preserve the spirit of the place, I have worked to magnify it and honor the work undertaken by the original owners.


My professional activity imposes on me to travel a lot I don't usually the Bastide all year round, so I've had enough naturally had the idea to offer it to travelers during my periods of absence.

I'm very happy to welcome you in my paradise.